Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 3 - Fire! Fire! Fire!

Oh, it was a good day to sleep in, but it was not to be. About 7:15am the fire alarm went off. In my haste to gather the children and flee the building (along with all the other guests), I forgot my camera. In the distance the wail of a fire truck siren broke the morning calm. In the immediate area the blaring of the fire alarm grated on the nerves. After only a few moments a Hyatt employee gave us the all-clear signal to return to our rooms. Rumor had it the cause for the alarm was a piece of burnt toast. That is how I started my day.

And it ended with me consuming too many beverages at Laura and Gary’s wedding, but it was all good. We had a great time! P.S. The temperature today was a mild 103-degrees, breaking a 130-year record!

Packed like sardines in the shuttle (heading to the wedding at Louviers Village Clubhouse)

Robert, Carrie, & Jeremy (before they started drinking, except for Carrie - she's prego)

Sisters and the mommy (Betty, Jane, Carol, Loretta, Lois)

Overcome with emotion, Robert falls asleep...

The beautiful bride & groom

Lorretta & her great grandson Gabriel

I couldn't decide between a Mai Tai or the Vodka Raspberry Lemonade...decisions decisions!

Touch my cake and you die!

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