Thursday, September 16, 2010

Destination: Gaslamp Quarter

Every month my photography club has a monthly gathering to supposedly do a bit of photography, but mostly it's about showing off our new toys: cameras, lenses, cases, and the like and reconnecting with people we see only once a month. We usually spend a few hours doing photography, or just wandering around, and then we meet for lunch where we talk about more photography and take a thousand pictures of our food.

This month my group met in the Gaslamp Quarter. Robert and I like to use these gatherings as an opportunity to do some sight-seeing around our own city. We mingled under the Gaslamp Sign at the end of Fifth Avenue for a bit, took a group photo, and then Frank (our friend we go to the desert with), Greg (another member of the group), Robert and I headed off down the street to find the nearest Starbucks. After Frank had his fix (Robert had stopped for coffee before meeting the group), we again were off with our cameras dangling from around our necks looking for that perfect shot.

Although I absolutely love the Gaslamp Quarter and its historical buildings, I was feeling very uninspired. Most of us were, so we just kind of wandered around taking a photo every now and again and trying to figure out where we should go next.

This was in front of the Horton Grand. At the last minute Robert walked into view. He always finds a way to get into my shots.

These are just a couple of the many historical buildings in downtown. I love the architecture.

During our wanderings we came upon the William Heath Davis House. It's over 150 years old, which means it's most likely haunted so of course we had to go inside so I could do some ghost hunting.

Oh, look! I think I caught a ghost in the hallway...nope, just Robert wandering through my shot again!

Finally it was time for lunch and the group met up at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza on 4th Avenue.

Robert had a tuna sandwich and I left my diet at home and had a 5-cheese pizza. Delicious!

As we were walking back to our car after lunch, we came upon this mural on a parking structure at Horton Plaza. I wonder what it means? It's hard to see, but the 4th guy from the top is flipping the bird. Intersting.

It was another fun outing with my photography group and I look forward to next month. Stay tuned for more Travels With Rae & Robert....