Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Party in Denver!

Robert and I made another weekend jaunt to Denver. This time it was for a surprise baby shower for Robert’s sister, Carrie. Jeremy, Carrie’s husband, flew in all of Carrie’s family and friends from San Diego. Talk about a surprise! Carrie had absolutely no idea that Jeremy had been planning this for a couple of months. After the baby shower there was a birthday party for their son, Jacob, who turned 7. It was a great weekend visiting and celebrating with Robert’s family. Other than a slight delay in getting our vouchers at the airport in San Diego, we had no problems the entire trip. We are liking Denver more and more and plan to go back again in January when Carrie gives birth. We are even thinking of moving there in a few years when I retire, but only time will tell.

The view is absolutely beautiful flying in and out of Lindberg Field, San Diego

The pre-flight safety lecture in case your plane crashes.

There is a train inside the Denver airport that takes you from the gates to the baggage claim area. A train inside the airport! How cool is that?

Robert rented himself a Cadillac to drive us around in style while in Denver.

Surprise! Carrie and her mom, Lois.
Carrie got lots and lots and lots of baby stuff.
Jacob got lots and lots and lots of stuff for his birthday.