Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Feeding Frenzy continued....

The Feeding Frenzy is a family (Robert's side) reunion at LaBolt Dam in South Dakota. This year's theme was "duct tape" so you may see a purse and even a wedding dress made of duct tape!

Denver to South Dakota and home again!

We survived our South Dakota trip, but returning home was just as much of an ordeal as flying there (see previous post). I'd rather not revisit the whole airport drama fiasco, so here are a few photos from our trip.

Lunch at McDonald's in the Denver airport...yummy.

Carrie working the Southwest Desk

Exploring Lake Farley Park - we got caught in a rain storm and took cover on one of the!

Sightseeing in Milbank, South Dakota

Playing hide-and-seek in a cornfield near LaBolt. I've never been in a cornfield before and it was great!

The boys hanging out in the park in Stockholm

Scott, Carrie w/baby Owen, and Wilbur at the Feeding Frenzy

Lorretta holding baby Owen and Betty at The Frenzy