Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Sin City!

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, Robert and I decided to take advantage of the extended weekend and head to Las Vegas for some rest and relaxation.

We hit our first road block before we even left the house.  We (okay, "I") over packed.  "How?" you ask.   Easy.  We were taking the motorcycle, yet I packed as if we were taking the car.  My bad.  After pretty much leaving everything behind and repacking what little fit into the saddle bags, we were ready!

This was our first long trip on the motorcycle, so we took our time.  We took our first break after about 2 hours, which seemed to be the longest I could go without my butt becoming numb.  Overall, it took us 7 hours to get to Las Vegas.

Take a break.  One of many....

We made it!

After checking into the Golden Nugget, we wandered the Fremont Street Express and picked up a few small souvenirs.  We really had to be careful what we bought, because space on the bike was very limited.

The Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas

I expected those weird girls from the Shining to appear....Red Rum Red Rum

The Fremont Street Experience had lots of shops, casinos, and restaurants.
For dinner, we ate at the Grotto, a restaurant in our hotel.  I had mahi and shrimp, while Robert had lasagna.  Dessert was delicious!  Robert ate tiramisu and I had Strawberry Cassatta (basically a really yummy cake soaked in rum)!

So good.  I wish I had the recipe.

Being the big-time gamblers that we are, we dropped about $15 into the slots our first night and then called it an early evening.  Overall, we lost maybe $50.

Our 2nd day found us grazing at the hotel's breakfast buffet and then it was a short walk to tour the Mob Museum (aka the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement). We spent about three house wandering the museum.

Robert sits outside the Mob Museum
Selfie at the Mob Museum

After the museum we attempted a ride down the strip to do some sight-seeing, but traffic was horrible, so we jumped on the freeway and headed over to the A-Team, a Victory Vision outlet to pick up some Victory motorcycle souvenirs.  Since it was Black Friday, they had some sales going on, so we bought two custom fit soft saddle bags for the bike.

A nice ride back to the hotel and then it was off to the Heart Attack Grill for dinner, where people over 350-pounds eat free.  We had to pay (of course!), but when Robert got on the scale inside the restaurant, he manipulated it and made the flashing lights and bells go off.  He made the scale spike to 390-pounds!  Everyone started clapping and cheering.  Too funny.

Such a great vibe at the Heart Attack Grill

Robert had a triple bypass burger and I had a huge chili dog smothered in bacon.  Our 'nurse' explained that if we do not finish our food we get a spanking.  I could only eat half of my chili dog (girls are able to opt out of spankings), but Robert purposefully left a small portion of his burger.  He wanted the spanking!

You go Girl!
Our waitress was very cool!  She spanked Robert so hard with that paddle that his little bottom was red!

The next morning, we packed all our gear and souvenirs into the new saddle bags and we had room to spare!  Seven hours later, we were home and were greeted by a little cat that missed her mommy.

Good times....