Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flying High at Wings Over Gillespie

Okay, we weren't literally flying, but we did have a great day at this weekend's Wings Over Gillespie Air Show in El Cajon.  I suppose it could be said we were "high" on happiness...(HaHa). That sounds kinda lame, but it was a wonderful day.  I had never been to this air show and was really excited.  It was quite small as compared to the last air show we went to, the Centennial of Naval Aviation Air Show in Coronado in February 2011, but the positives where we were able to get up-close to the action and no traffic or parking problems.   I liked the home-town feel to it, plus there were no lines for the bathroom!

We were actually standing about 15-20 feet from the announcers booth.  We had gone over a rope barrier and with our cameras looked like 'professionals' so no one seemed to pay us any attention.  It was nice not having to jockey for position with a zillion other people.  We were so close to the performers, that after the skydivers landed they came over to where we (and a few other photographers) were standing and briefly talked with us.

We were there about 6-hours and got sunburned, well, mostly Robert, because I put on sunscreen before we left the house, but it was an amazing day!  I'm already looking forward to next years show.

This guy, John Collver, was incredible!  He was flying 'War Dog' and did some aerobatics that probably would have made me barf.  Very cool to watch.

The guy on the left - Eike Hohenadl - carried the American Flag while skydiving during Opening Ceremonies.  After he landed he came over and talked with us.  He said he had escaped East Germany when he was 10 years old!  He also served in the Vietnam War (for the US, but as a German citizen) and was trying to get American citizenship at that time.  He said it was required that he live in the United States for a certain length of time, but they wouldn't count the year he spent fighting in Vietnam.  He also tried to enlist for the war in Afghanistan, but was denied.  He is 71 years old.  We would have loved to talk with him further about his life and service.