Friday, May 29, 2009

Elko, Nevada

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Elko, Nevada in March.

One of the many casinos in Elko

Taking a walking tour of Elko

Elko County Court House

Our motel

The family at Lamoille Glacier

My handsome step-son, Gabriel, and I at Lamoille Glacier

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trip Update

I am seriously slacking in updating our traveling posts.

I can't even remember when, but we spent a long weekend visiting the kids in Elko, Nevada. I think it was in March(?). The town itself leaves alot to be desired, but it was great spending time with the kids.

Again, I don't remember when but we took a road trip through Anza Borrego and the Salton Sea with several people from my photography group. That was an all day affair with it ending with pizza and beer at Wynola Pizza (near Julian).

Also, we just got back from camping at Lake Skinner in Temecula. We went with 7-8 other couples. Had a really good time, but it was very hot and the campground didn't have much in the way of shade. Several of us were tent camping and the campground isn't really designed for tents. The sites are pretty close together. It's much more suited to RVs and trailers. Looking at the map, the lake looks much closer to the camp sites than it actually is. That was rather disappointing.

I'll post some pictures of our latests travels soon and I promise to do a better job at keeping the blog current.

Thanks for stopping by and go hiking!