Wednesday, July 29, 2009

...and now we wait....

South Dakota here we come…..eventually. We are sitting at the Denver Airport hoping to get on the 1:45pm flight to Omaha, Nebraska. We are using guest-passes courtesy of Carrie and Jeremy….thank you….but the downside is we have to wait for whatever seats are available. Unfortunately we cannot all fit on the 1:45pm flight. There are four of us - Robert, me, Gabriel, and Katie. We sent Gabriel and Katie on to Omaha. From there we will drive to Stockholm, South Dakota, but for now Robert and I sit here in Denver waiting and waiting and waiting. The next flight isn’t until 7:45pm! But that means Katie and Gabe must wait for us at the airport in Omaha. What a mess, but like I said we are using guest-passes and that has saved us several hundred dollars in tickets. Kelly, the boarding guy, was trying his hardest to get us all on the 1:45pm flight, but to no avail. He actually seemed disappointed that all the other passengers arrived on time and he couldn’t accommodate us. Nice try, though.

Now what do we do for the next six hours? Can anyone say nap time? I can.

UPDATE: It is now almost 8pm and we are still at the Denver Airport. Our 7:45pm flight has now turned into a 10:30pm flight and it looks like it might be later than that. We have been at the airport since 11:30am! Weather delays, mechanical problems...what's next? I'm afraid to ask. I almost want to just turn around and go home, but the kids are still in Omaha waiting for us!

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