Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 5 - HOME!

What a horrendous travel day. It started out with a nice breakfast at Carrie’s house and then the long drive to Salt Lake City. Instead of the interstate we took the more scenic Highway 40. We had to be in Salt Lake City by 7pm to drop off the kids with their mother. We made only one quick sight-seeing stop at Buffalo Bill’s grave, hit a bit of rain, and got stuck behind quite a few slow moving semi-trucks. We finally rolled into Salt Lake City 10-hours after leaving Denver. We waited about an hour with the kids for their mother to arrive and as they headed home towards Elko, we turned south towards San Diego. Time check: about 9:30pm.

We made a few gas stops and had dinner at Denny’s in Cedar City, Utah. Reached Las Vegas about 3:20am where Robert refueled with Sun Chips and an energy drink. I, of course, was asleep by then. Robert knew how much I wanted to get home to the cats, so he pulled an all-nighter and drove straight through to San Diego. After 24 straight hours of being on the road we were ready to get home, but unfortunately we hit rush hour traffic in Escondido and we're delayed about an hour. Finally about 9am, 5-days of travelling and 2,423 miles later we pulled into the driveway. Waiting inside were my little babies.

Our hotel room was rather nice, especially the HDTV.

Taking the toll road to Carrie's house.

Breakfast at Carrie's house.

Gutters and Yoder. So cute!

Jacob with his beer glasses.

Downtown Denver - Puppy Chow manufacturing plant.
He's so cute when he's sleeping!
Sight-seeing at Buffalo Bill's grave site off I-40.
A lunch of buffalo burgers at Shake n' Burger in Kremling, Colorado.
Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Vernal, Utah.
Dinner at Denny's in Las Vegas.

My two reasons for coming back home....Cierra & Heyoka.

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