Monday, December 10, 2007

Honeymoon - Day 11

Day 11 12-07-07

I almost died today. Well, not quite, but the possibility that it could have happened was extremely great, but I’ll get to that in a bit. I want to first tell you about two little cuties I met at Todd and Carol’s house. They’re brother and sister, about two-years old, and the brattiest little things I have ever met! Within minutes of meeting Maynard and Marla we were best of friends! I was tempted to kidnap them and take them home with me! Maynard is a little orange tabby and Marla is a fat little calico.

I say they’re brats in a good way. Last night after Robert and I crawled into bed, this fuzzy orange kitty wiggles under the covers and starts tickling our legs. Shortly after Maynard crawls out, Marla gets under the covers. Next thing we know Maynard is attacking Marla through the bed covers! Robert finally had to kick them out of the room and shut the door so we could sleep. This morning while getting ready to leave, I heard the door creak. I look up and two little kitties run into the room. The door wasn’t closed all the way and somehow they opened it. After Robert took his shower, Marla got into the bathtub and just sat there. I had to lift her out of the tub so I could take my shower. While I’m showering, Marla is sticking her head in the water and Maynard is playing between the shower curtains. As soon as I shut the water off, they both jump into the tub. Silly cats!

Okay, back to my near-death experience. From Parker we drove south on I-25. It sucked being on the main freeways, so we were looking forward to getting back on the state routes. At Walsenburg we headed west on Highway 160. As we neared South Fork in the San Juan Mountains the weather turned ugly and next thing we know, we’re driving in near whiteout conditions!

The weather was so bad that most of the semi-trucks had pulled over to wait out the storm or put chains on and risk it. The snow banks were over 5-feet high, which hid the cliffs on the other side. I made the comment that the snow would at least keep us from plunging to our death if we spun out. Robert quickly informed me that most likely we’d plow through it! And just when I thought I couldn’t get any more scared, Randy Travis’ “Three Wooden Crosses” song comes on the radio!

Our elevation peaked at 10,890-feet near Wolf Creek Ski Resort, where we saw skiers having a gay old time while we were inching along at about 20-25mph towards possible death. Finally we pulled into Durango about 4:10pm. As we checked in at the Econo-Lodge, the clerk told us about 4-6 inches of snow was predicted by morning. Lovely.

Total mileage for the day: 406.

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