Sunday, November 11, 2012

In the Meantime....

Although Robert and I don't have any big trips coming up, we have been trying to make the most of our weekends now that we are on the same work schedule.  It's nice to have every weekend off!

In October we went to the Miramar Air Show.  Robert has never been and I last went something like 15 years ago.  We met up with our friend Frank and hung out in the Flight Deck Chalet all day.  We had a great time, except we forgot the sunscreen and came home with a pretty good sunburn.

Lots of static displays to wander through.

 When you don't bring a tripod, you improvise!  Had to get a picture of Robert and I at the air show.  A side mirror on a military vehicle worked just fine.

 Napalm dropped alongside the runway.  Picture perfect with a Blue Angel parked in front.

The Saturday following the air show, my photography group had it's monthly outing at Bates Nut Farm in  Valley Center.  Luckily we arrived by 9am so we were able to get parking, because by noon it was absolutely packed!  We had a good time for a few hours until the crowd got to unbearable.

Last Saturday, my photography club had it's monthly outing in La Jolla.  A storm had just passed through, so there were nice, puffy clouds in the sky and a strong breeze kept the air crisp and clean.  Another good Saturday hanging out with friends and being with my husband.

Again no tripod, so we took a photo of our reflection in a ball spinning in a water fountain.

Robert always finds a way to get into my photos!

Pelicans were everywhere!  Such a weird looking bird.

Next, we're heading to Borrego Springs for a short camping trip over the holidays so stay tuned!


Frank B. Baiamonte said...

I really like that shot of Robert (sort of) in front of the building.

LaRee Brownell said...

Good stuff Rae. See, you don't have to really travel anywhere to share good content. I realize you are like me though and love to travel.