Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Of Us In Yellowstone National Park

Robert and I are still reminiscing about our trip to Yellowstone National Park. It seems like it was just yesterday…actually, it was only last week, but it was just one more great adventure in our lives that we will still be talking about years from now. Our life seems truly blessed at the moment.

Rae (left) in West Yellowstone

Robert and Rae (at right) at the Outpost Restaurant in West Yellowstone

Robert (below) looking for wildlife

Robert filling up inside the Park. Gas was $3.99/gal. Cheaper inside the Park than in West Yellowstone.

Us at Yellowstone Lake - 46-degrees

Rae (above) and Robert (below) at
the Wolf Pack Brewing Co. in
West Yellowstone

Robert (right) in the lobby of the Old Faithful Lodge.

Rae (below) inside the lobby of Old Faithful Lodge.

Robert and Rae await the eruption of OldFaithful Geyser.

Robert and Rae at Old Faithful.

Robert checking out the geysers at Norris Basin

Rae at Steamboat Geyser

The stone arch at the North Entrance to the park was created in 1903. The bison in Lamar Valley looked at us as if he was about to charge our car. Thankfully he didn't.

Robert has a bit of fun with the video camera.

Lunch time !

Another photo stop, this time in Lamar Valley.

Rae at Firehouse Falls

Robert and Rae at Calcite Springs Overlook

Welcome to Grand Tetons National Park! Both pictures below were taken at the Jackson Point Overlook.

Potty break for Robert !

Grand Teton National Park


Jeremiah said...

Looks like you guys have been having a good time.

Frank B. Baiamonte said...

Did Robert get some new binoculars?