Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Finally! Road Trip!

Finally!  We are going on a road trip!

It's been almost three years since we last hit the open road and we've both have become very restless because of it.  Since we got our trailer late last year, we've gone on a couple of really short, camp close to home weekend trips to test it out and to get everything dialed in to the way we want it.

Now, with the dog in tow, we are ready for something longer and more grand! Our trip is still months away and as of now, we have only one destination decided: Milbank, South Dakota for a family reunion.  Other than that, it's three weeks traveling across America and seeing where the blacktop takes us!

I am already checking possible routes and looking for places to visit and things to do.  Perhaps a few National Parks we haven't visited before will be on the itinerary and definitely a few Cabelas Stores, but for the most part, I think we'll just drive and be surprised at where we go and what we'll find.

At the suggestion of my husband - I actually think he has been harboring some guilt because he didn't stop during our last trip in 2014 - our first order of business will be to eat pie in Pie Town, New Mexico!  So, I guess we do have another destination decided.  Maybe then we'll head north to the Great Sand Dunes National Park as neither of us have been there before and make a stop at Cabelas in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Ahhh, the possibilities are endless, but where do you think we should go?

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